Saturday, January 30, 2016

Some Foods Definitely Reduce your Weight

Here are some foods, definitely reduce your weight, and boost up your weight loss.

1. Horse Gram:

About Horse gram:

  • It’s a hot food - reduce your weight instantly.
  • If you want reduce your weight in natural way, take this more.
  • It’s high in iron, calcium and protein. So you won’t feel tired when you are in diet .
  • It heats your body. So take more water while taking this food.
  • Just cook with water and eat (boil it using cooker). If need, use some salt with this.
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2. Water:


  • Drink 1 glass of water every 30 minutes. (Startup process).
  • Water increases your metabolism.
  • Water decreases or removes salt from your body. Note that salt is main source to increase weight.
  • If you take more water - you will automatically cut more food in your diet.
  • It will clean your body.
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  • It’s a fat burning food like Horse gram.
  • You can take this with boiled water. Just add this with water -> boil  -> drink.
  • Cumin is rich in antioxidants and phytosterols.
  • If you take this, You will see the difference in 1 month.
  • It’s also one natural way to loss weight.
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4. Curry Leaves:


  • You can take this in the form of powder or natural leaves.
  • It reduces bad cholesterol in blood.
  • It purifies blood.
  • When taking oil or oil food, take ten curry leaves. It will remove cholesterol from oil.
  • It’s especially for diabetic obesity. It controls sugar as well as obesity.
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5. Ginger:


  • Ginger maintains or improves your digestion.
  • It avoids or controls gastric problems.
  • It burns fat in blood.
  • You can take this with Tea, Milk, Soup.
  • It increases your immunity.
  • Warning: If you are sick with ulcer, Please get advice from your doctor before taking this.
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6. Vegetables (Salads) :


  • Eating vegetables are the simplest way to loss weight.
  • You can take vegetables in the form of salad, soup and some of them in juices.
  • Some important and specific list is given below.
  • Carrot, Amla, Onion, Cucumber, Beans, Leafy Green vegetables, Mushrooms, Cauliflower, Pepper, Beetroot, Pumpkin..Etc.
  • Vegetables are low in fat, So you can eat more.
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Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Steamed Foods for Weight Loss

Want to lose weight? Try with steamed foods (oil free) like vegetables, nuts, fish, chicken and more.
 Steamed foods are easy to cook and tasty to eat. Without oil and butter steamed foods are good to eat.

Here are some points how steamed foods are help in weight loss.

1. Steamed foods fight with your hungry. Yes. You can try with steamed vegetables.
2. It only loses 10 to 20% of vitamins and minerals - not 80% like other cooking.
3. You can do steam cooking -- most of your normal food without oil.
4. It contains few amount of calories and cholesterol.
5. It increase digestion, removes unwanted gastric problems.

How to Steam Vegetables:

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