Friday, February 26, 2016

Is calorie counting important for weight loss?

Is calorie counting important for weight loss?

Answer is "No". Its not important. Here are some reasons, Why it is not important?

Reason 1: Calories are based on our weight, height, food and some other stuffs (calculations). You could not calculate exact amount of the calories in food. Because It may vary depending upon the digestion and food condition ( Also if it is in same weight Ex: 100g).  For example, If you are taking one boiled egg, the calorie of the egg may vary after the digestion. I mean, if our digestion process is not good, then it will not produce or give the same calories to our body. It may vary one person to another person. So the calorie level may increase or decrease based on your health and body condition.

Reason 2: Most of the calories counting is based on weight and food. For example 1 pound (0.5 kg) is equal to 3500 calories (approximately). They will say if reduce or burn 3500 calories in your body, you will lose 1 pound of your body weight. If I'm 120 pounds of weight, I have 420000 calories, right?  If I burn 3500 calories per week, I will lose 52 pounds (26 kg)  per year, right? What about the second year, and third year?

First Year => 120 - 52 = 68 pounds
Second Year => 68 - 52 = 16 pounds
Third Year => 16 - 52 = You/I may be disappeared or vaporized. (Just Fun). It won't happen.

Here I know very well, you will eat more while burning calories. But the information is - Our body contains the following :
  •  Bones
  •  Blood
  •  Flesh
  •  Veins
  •  Etc
Our calorie calculations are not considering our bone weight and some other stuffs in our body.

Reason 3:  You could not calculate exact amount of burned calories in your workout. Because, your body automatically reducing or burning calories everyday. How is it happening? - Because your inner organs are doing their duty all time, if you are doing work out or not. Also calorie burning will differ man to man.

What should i do?

Instead of counting calories, concentrate on natural and good foods. Your body will do rest of them (I mean weight loss) . Dr. Mark Hyman  will help you to find good foods, and  teach you how it works? His diets are based on Paleo and LCHF. But it gives you better result than others.

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Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Diet or Exercise - Which one is best to lose weight?

Which one is best to lose weight? diet or exercise (physical activities or workout). Best answer is diet. But both are important.

Here we will see how diet is better than exercise.

  • If you are affected with any disease, You cannot fully follow your exercise program. Also if you are a handicapped, child or old age, fractured, then exercise programs won't give you 100% result on weight loss.
  • Most of the time you  feel tired when doing exercise or workouts. But you may ask, "Diet also makes me tired." . But the truth is if you eat slowly, you never feel tired or you may follow Paleo diet (More about Paleo diet: Basics, Foods allowed.)
  • When doing exercise, you could not calculate your burned calories exactly. Do you know why? because, each and everyone have different weight, height, body structure and eating habits. (you need not to worry about calories, but you should worry about your healthy food - I mean your food is good or not.)
  • You could not perform (continuously) outdoor exercises, If the weather condition is bad
  • Exercise makes you hungry. 
  • If you stop regular exercise, you will easily move to your previous level. (weight gain, belly)
Here I'm not blaming or say don't do exercise. Exercise is also important, but not important like diet.

Some benefits of doing exercise (weight loss) :

 These benefits are not based on calorie counting.
  • It increases some hormone levels which helps you to lose weight. (Because workout stimulate glands).
  • It increases blood circulation.
  • You feel fresh and stress free.
  • It removes unwanted toxins from your body.
  • You will become stronger and your muscles turns in good condition.
Now we will see about Diet:
    Some foods like Horse gram is automatically reduce your weight. See here . How is this possible? These types foods are working like negative calories.  (Click here to see more about negative calorie diet). In your life, you can avoid exercise but you could not avoid food. This is the big reason -diet is important than exercise.

    There are lots of diet plans are available in the world. Which one I should choose? This is difficult question. Because It's based on your health status, location, climate, and allergic symptoms. But some popular and recent diet plans are given below:

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    Monday, February 8, 2016

    Eat slowly and calmly - Achieve your weight loss goal

    In this busy world, we have no time to eat, So we are taking our food quickly. But many studies show eating fast is not a good habit. It increases our weight 10 to 30% faster. We should focus our food and eating habit. It's very important for who likes to reduce and maintain weight.

    Most of us will say "I know this". But how many us following? - I'm pointing this again, because it's very effective in reducing weight.

    We should keep some attitudes while taking food.  Here " food " may be liquid or solid. It doesn't matter.
    •  When taking solid foods like Sandwich, Vegetable salad,  Rice or something else, chew  it (grind it by teeth) until become liquid, then swallow(eat) it. While chewing you should close your lips. It may take time and someone feel it's hard. But it's the right way to eat solid food. If you follow this method, definitely your intake will reduce. Also it will reduce your hunger level. There is no limitation while practicing this method. I mean, there is no quantity limit, you can whatever you want.
    •  When drinking liquid food like milk, water, etc.. , sip it 5 to 10 ml. Don't take more than this level in one sip. Mix it with saliva, then drink it. In this method you can drink - how much you want - no limitation.

    Let's we see the benefits of slow eating:
    • It's losing your weight without any extra workout and diet. Because your intake will automatically decrease.
    • You can taste and enjoy your food.
    • It helps to improve your digestion.
    • Your dental health will increase.
    • You will be satisfied with your food. I mean, you feel like filled stomach.
    More Details: How to eat slowly?

    Tuesday, February 2, 2016

    Boxing - For Weightloss

    Are you bored with walking, jogging, exercise? Try Boxing and Kickboxing. It will definitely lose your weight and makes you stronger.

    Here are some benefits of Boxing:

    • Boxing burns more calories than other workouts. (400 to 800 calories per hour - It may vary depending upon your weight).
    • It is easy and fun.
    • Controls your stress
    • It increases your confident 
    • You can find effective weight loss results in a month
    • You need not go anywhere if you have punching bag and gloves
    • It is a Cardiovascular workout - easily reduce your weight
    • You feel fresh after this workout


    If you have any heart diseases or fractures, Please don't do this type of workouts. Consult your doctor before doing any type of workouts.

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