Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Boxing - For Weightloss

Are you bored with walking, jogging, exercise? Try Boxing and Kickboxing. It will definitely lose your weight and makes you stronger.

Here are some benefits of Boxing:

  • Boxing burns more calories than other workouts. (400 to 800 calories per hour - It may vary depending upon your weight).
  • It is easy and fun.
  • Controls your stress
  • It increases your confident 
  • You can find effective weight loss results in a month
  • You need not go anywhere if you have punching bag and gloves
  • It is a Cardiovascular workout - easily reduce your weight
  • You feel fresh after this workout


If you have any heart diseases or fractures, Please don't do this type of workouts. Consult your doctor before doing any type of workouts.

Boxing workout and tips with punching bag:

 Boxing workout without punching bag:


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