Monday, February 8, 2016

Eat slowly and calmly - Achieve your weight loss goal

In this busy world, we have no time to eat, So we are taking our food quickly. But many studies show eating fast is not a good habit. It increases our weight 10 to 30% faster. We should focus our food and eating habit. It's very important for who likes to reduce and maintain weight.

Most of us will say "I know this". But how many us following? - I'm pointing this again, because it's very effective in reducing weight.

We should keep some attitudes while taking food.  Here " food " may be liquid or solid. It doesn't matter.
  •  When taking solid foods like Sandwich, Vegetable salad,  Rice or something else, chew  it (grind it by teeth) until become liquid, then swallow(eat) it. While chewing you should close your lips. It may take time and someone feel it's hard. But it's the right way to eat solid food. If you follow this method, definitely your intake will reduce. Also it will reduce your hunger level. There is no limitation while practicing this method. I mean, there is no quantity limit, you can whatever you want.
  •  When drinking liquid food like milk, water, etc.. , sip it 5 to 10 ml. Don't take more than this level in one sip. Mix it with saliva, then drink it. In this method you can drink - how much you want - no limitation.

Let's we see the benefits of slow eating:
  • It's losing your weight without any extra workout and diet. Because your intake will automatically decrease.
  • You can taste and enjoy your food.
  • It helps to improve your digestion.
  • Your dental health will increase.
  • You will be satisfied with your food. I mean, you feel like filled stomach.
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