Sunday, February 19, 2017

12 Steps to follow while eating to lose weight

Concentrate on your food to lose weight

When taking your food, try the following: ( It may be looking silly, But it will give you more effect on your weight loss process, If you follow strictly. ) 

+ Concentrate on your food
+ Don't watch TV.
+ Don't listen any music while taking food.
+ Don't eat while you are watching movies.
+ Don't read books, newspaper..etc when taking food.
+ Don't view your mobile, Facebook..etc when taking food.
+ Eat slowly.
+ Look your plate - what's available on it - Think, Is it good for health or not?
+ If you need water, take whatever your want, but drink slowly.
+ Don't eat / drink when walking, running, cycling, riding, driving..or while doing any other activities / works.
+ Find a better place to eat. The place should be calm without any noises.
+ Follow the above methods at least a month. It will give you the better practice to eat. 


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