Tuesday, July 21, 2020

How to achieve your weight loss target?

Achieving a weight loss target is not a difficult task. But time, effort, and regular practices are very important. You can use the following methods to achieve your target. Please consult with your doctor before starting any diet or exercise.

  • First, choose your diet, this is very important. Usually, low carb diets are best compared with other diets
  • Set a 100 days target. Set your goal with the minimum you need to achieve  - for example, 10 KG is maximum and 5 KG is minimum.
  • Start your diet with some target apps, not required any calorie count app, or counting your food quantity apps. This is a waste of time (My personnel opinion)
  • The app should be something like a calendar with marking a tick with "Today I have completed diet"
  • Look at the progress daily.
  • Eat the food you like - at weekly once at one time (cheating your diet)
  • Check your weight and hip sizes weekly once or twice, and note it in your excel sheet with the date. So you can track them easily
  • Try simple exercises every day. Example: Push up and Abs workout only 10 reps per day. So you can do the exercise every day without missing it. Goal Tracker is a good app to do this.
  • If you follow these steps, you can achieve your goal of at least 50% 

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